Wednesday, October 19, 2011

¨Luck be a lady tonight¨ (english version)

¨Luck be a lady tonight¨

Last week (scroll down to see) I talked about Biker, Bomber and Avitor jackets so this week I thought I would talk about a style a little more classic, the ¨Lady¨.  As shown in the picture, this is our ¨Lady¨ jacket for this season in Crivero by the French brand Intuition.  This jacket is a classic and can be worn with skirts, dresses, dress pants.  Don`t be afraid to wear it with jeans and by pushing up the sleaves go for a more casual look.  This season the ¨Lady¨ has been represented by all the major designers in one form or another, weather it be textil or leather, in all the major fashion shows. If you don`t dare to wear a jacket which has no collar because of a delicate throat or you are self consciousness about a less than swan like neck, there is no need to worry.  You have many options for different accesories to keep your neck warm and hidden away. You can choose from any of our furry mufflers, scarves or shawls.  But I will leave the accesories for another blog a little later in the season when the weather cools off a bit more. 
Gentleman.........again we have not forgotten about you.  This week we are going for an opposite look to the Sahariana jacket from last week and are going for something a little more sporty and also very in fashion.  We know how many of you work hard to maintain yourselves so we thought of a more fitted through the body and sleeves, shorter jacket, as shown in the picture.  This jacket found in Crivero by the brand Arma,  is a more modern style and would obviously look great with a pair of jeans but as you can see you can also pair it up with dress pants for a very cool after work look or even a night out.  And don`t be afraid to dabble in colors, this jacket looks great in Indigo blue or even grey but if you are not that bold we have it in browns and blacks as well.

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