Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Puffy Jackets


The first puffy jacket was invented in 1975, 40 years after the male version, when designer Norma Kamali went camping one weekend and was so cold that she started thinking about how she could wear her sleeping bag all through the winter.  When she returned home she took her quilted blanket from her bed and with her scissors invented the first ¨sleeping bag¨ coat which was an instant hit. 

Now I know what you are thinking, a sleeping bag coat or a puffy jacket does not sound very attractive nor slimming.  But hold on now, we have come a long way from 1975.  So you no longer have to worry about looking like the Michelin man or having a pin head in the oversized mens jacket.  The puffy jacket, doesn`t have to be SOOO puffy (remember George from Seinfeld in his puffy down jacket?) and it can still keep us warm.  These days we all look for clothes which are comfortable, practical, in style and make us look good and this type of jacket lives up to all of these.  This jacket can be great on any body type.  If you are slim or have a small chest this will help fill you out and if you wear larger sizes a longer version with a belt is always more slimming.  This jacket can be worn with jeans or slim pants as a very casual look.  It can also be worn with a sweater, short jean skirt, leggings and a pair of ¨Uggs¨ style boots to complete a ¨apres-ski¨ look.  But if neither of these looks are what you are going for try this jacket with patterned leggings, a pair of lace up boots, and an oversized bag, for a very chic look (check out the picture below).  This season in Crivero we have many types of puffy jackets in textile or leather.  Pictured to the right are 3 examples by ¨Intuition¨ brand from Paris which you can find in our stores in different colors and sizes.  All are made from the highest quality leather and textile and the fur hoods and collars are detachable. 

So put an end to the idea of ¨Puffy = Fat¨.  It does not.  It equals comfort, warmth, practicality and most of all, style.

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