Saturday, October 1, 2011

And we´re back....

Crivero has re-opened and we are ready to present the 2011-12 fall/winter collection and I cannot tell you how very excited we are for all of you to see the new goodies which we have brought for this season. Every day we are receiving packages and I cannot help but sing to myself  ¨here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus ¨, because it does feel like Chrismas!  Unfortunately the boxes and boxes which we recieve daily are not for me but rather jackets, coats, handbags, purses, bracelets, leather gloves etc.,  for our customers. Oh how I wish that just once while opening one of those boxes a garment or accessory would have a tag which bears my name ( I think this as I am hiding my top 10 picks towards the back of the racks). 
We have hardly been open 2 weeks and some of our customers have already started asking what are the trends in leather for this season and I KNOW we all like to be fashionable even when were talking coats, especially leather. Sooooo let me tell you what we've seen on the catwalks, in magazines and at some of the trade fairs which we`ve been lucky enough to attended in Milan, Paris, New York and Madrid. The leather jacket is more popular than ever, in fact I would say that one leather jacket (if not more) is a must in everyone´s closet.  The shape, definitely rocker, bomber, or biker, tight fitting sleeves, zip front or even better off to one side, worn look, but this is the most important short, it has to be short. The short jacket is super versatile and can be worn with just about anything, jeans, slacks, skirts, dresses or shorts. Just take a  look at Hollywood's famous ......

You can see in all the most popular shopping districts and the trendiest of trendy stores that black is back and stronger than ever. I personally love black and would say that my black jackets are the ones I wear the most. But if you already have a black jacket that you love and want to expand your wardrobe with a different color ..... then you can always look at a dark caramel colored leather jacket, or aged browns or consider this season`s  new color ¨cement¨ which is a grayish-green. Very new and most importantly it can be combined with blacks and browns. This season we also see that leather jackets are combined with textile. We, in Crivero, have a model with an elastic fabric which runs up the back of the sleeve making it oh so much more comfortable. I say, ¨Pain is no longer the price of beauty¨ and long gone are the days of super tight sleeves which after awhile one looses all sensibility in their hands.  So while out shopping and looking for that perfect fall jacket definately opt for leather and go for a super hot biker jacket, for example.   

All throughout the month of October I will be reporting weekly about the trends in fur and leather for this season and all of our promotions, in store and on our website, 
Happy Fall!

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