Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Accessorize Me



Bufanda Visón Grey


Maniqui con Bufanda Conejo Azul                                           
Bufanda Conejo Marron

Drizzle drizzle, fizzle fizzle that`s how I have felt these past few days with all the rain, wind and cool weather.  In fact I just realized that it is already Thursday and I have yet to write my blog entry in English.  But never fear, I have a great topic on hand and am all charged up about it. 

Bufanda Zorro Beige
Bufanda Zorro Naranja

Maniquin with ¨eternity scarf¨
 I do have to say that I love fall.  I love the turning of the leaves, the freshness in the air after a good rain and the smell of damp earth.  What I don`t enjoy is the changes in temperature which one can experience all in the same day.  These temperature changes lead to putting on and taking off jackets or coats constantly throughout the day which eventually equal a bad cold or aching arms and back.   Consequences of having toted around a heavy coat all day.  So I propose that while we can, we stick to the lighter jackets and to keep the chill of the early morning or evening away, accesorize with a furry scarf or muffler.  In Crivero this season we have both coming in different colors and available in either rabbit, mink or fox.  These are the best accesories for spicing up a simple coat or jacket or even worn indoor can look very sassy and sofisticated.  Just take a look at the pictures of the different types and ways they can be worn.  If you want a more classic look, go for one of our tradicional fur scarves.  If you want a more urban, casual look go for the ¨eternity scarf¨ (thanks Liisa for that definition) which can be worn by both men and women.  This scarf is worn by pulling it over your head and looping it around your neck twice.  But if  you want to step it up a notch  for daytime wear or even a night out check out our stretchy ¨mufflers¨.  The muffler is pulled on over your head and can be worn around the neck during the day over a jacket,sweater or can be pulled down over the shoulders  for a night out on the town or a special ocasion.  Scarves can be fun and in fur they are very complimentary.

Muffler visón marron

Muffler visón negro



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