Friday, October 28, 2011

¨Rain Rain, go away....¨

With the temperatures dropping and fall having officially arrived we have to endure cold weather, wind and rain. All these factors complicate our daily decision of what we are going to wear. I think overall the cold weather is easier to dress for than the rain. We can still maintain our feminine and stylish looks by layering clothes, wearing boots which are fur lined or have some fur trimmings, cute gloves or mittens, a warm coat and, in my opinion, the best accesory for cold weather a fur scarf. But when it comes to the rain it is a whole different story. Up until a few years ago when it rained we as women had to endure our hair frizzing, wet feet, wearing a plastic see through garbage bag, which for commercial value was called a rain poncho, or the ever unattractive anorak stolen from our dad`s, husband`s, boyfriend`s or brother`s closet. But not anymore! Now days we can choose from a whole line of salon products to keep our hair tame and frizz free. We can pick from different colors, patterns and brands of the every so popular rain boots. And finally to keep us looking sofisticated and feeling attractive we have the waterproof trench coat. For the last few years this has been the most popular style for the rainy weather. So here at Crivero we also wanted to show you how our customers, and in this case maniquins, can keep dry and stylish. But we have taken our trench coat to the next level and not only does it keep us dry but with it`s detachable lining in rabbit fur and fox collar and trimmings, it keeps us nice and warm. This is probably one of the most versatile garments which we sell in Crivero and it can be used in fall, winter or spring. I`d also like to take this opportunity and point out the handbag, which is a Crivero design, and the cute grey and fuscia gloves in the picture. These are just 2 of the many leather accesories which can be found in Crivero this season. Shortly I will be making an individual tab with pictures from all the accesories which can be purchased in our store or on our website,  

(A picture taken of Eva Longoria in her trench a few days ago in New York)

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