Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fur is Sexy

Which images come into your mind when you think of fashion and winter?   I think of layers and layers of clothes.  Heavy coats which make me look frumpy and not at all stylish.  That`s why I like this picture above.  Both he and she are at their sexiest in their winter clothes.  That`s the effect of fur and leather.  Very hot, very sexy!  With fur and leather you cannot get any more natural, in fact it´s the MOST natural material there is. And if natural isn`t sexy, then what is.  The beauty of this natural material is that it  is constantly adapting to our bodies, and at the same time giving us warmth and making us look great.  Having said that………I have a little secret to confess.  I have already told you that I do not like the cold but when winter rolls around I am already dreaming of wearing my fur coat. I love to wear it and I cannot keep my hands of myself.  In fact I find that other people are much more touchy-feely with me when I am wearing it.  You cannot beat the feel of fur.  Another reason why I like this picture is the way they are posing, leaning up against each other… on skin.  Okay okay, I am getting carried away, but don`t worry I won`t take it to the next level unlike this article I read last week in a Spanish newspaper, ¨El País¨.
It´s about the ¨furry¨ movement which is becoming increasingly popular. 
The basic definition for a "furry" is an anthropomorphized animal character.    
Or In other words, an animal character given human-like attributes
 which is seen alot in comics nowadays. But this article does take it to the next level and 
talks about ¨furries and yiff´s¨. 
People who like to dress up as animals and engage in sexual relations.
But I am not saying that you have to dress like an animal to feel sexy.  All that  I am saying is that ¨yes, fur is very sexy¨ and whether it is with someone, or like me, on my own,  you can enjoy it and it`s warmth. 
signed Foxy Roxy


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