Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fly me to the moon.....

¨Fly me to the moon...¨


Watching old movies about the Second World War without seeing a typical aviator jacket would be like watching ¨Top Gun¨ and seeing Maverick (Tom Cruise) in a trench coat….just not going to happen.  Nowadays we don´t have to look towards the past to see one of these but instead up on to the most International runways.   And ladies  this is no men`s jacket anymore.  Brands like Burberry have made this jacket super feminine, giving it an oversized double collar, a tailored fit and tight sleeves.  And although this is a version of the typical aviator or bomber jacket, it doesn`t mean you have to run around in a jumpsuit.  Pair this jacket up with a tight fitting button down shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and some boots to complete your ¨urban casual¨ look.  Or if you want to mix it up a bit try this jacket with a pencil skirt or a form fitting dress (first picture) and a pair of heels showing the runway models that us street girls also know how to strut our stuff.    Here in Crivero we also think this is one of the best styles for this winter and we have two different versions of the aviator jacket.  The first version (second picture) is  more toned down  with an off to the side zip up front, in a light indigo color by the French brand Intuition.   The second jacket (pictured below) is from our very own Crivero label and is very similar to the Burberry model.  Our jacket is a little bit longer (giving you a little added warmth on your lower back), with a detachable collar and to save you the $$$$ it is made with a faux fur lining but still has a rustic leather finish.  This jacket is available in green or brown and right now you can buy it in Crivero at 40% of it`s original price (before 240€, now 144€).  So with the dropping temperaturas look for this ¨must have¨ jacket with a worn leather finish and furry lambskin lining to keep you warm this winter.












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