Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stay out of Granny`s closet

With all the hype about ¨Vintage¨ some fashion goers might think that anything from their grandma`s trunk is okay to wear.  But that`s not always the case, especially when it comes to fur.  It´s true that we can use our grandma`s or mother`s old coats but fashion changes and when a style comes back into fashion it is usually a ¨restyled¨  version according to today`s trends.  And that is exactly what we need to do with those ¨vintage¨ garments is restyle them having them tailored according to today`s fashion without loosing that vintage look.  I will say this, a restyled coat is not the same as a new coat even if it is a similar style.    First off a new garment will never have that smell of a used one, which may remind us oh so much of our grandma`s closet.  Secondly you don`t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to carry that heavy fur coat around since today`s fur coats are much lighter but still provide the same amount of warmth.  And lastly when a trend comes back around it usually is not EXACTLY the same as, for example in the 40`s.   That is precisely one of  the jobs of the Designers, to take old styles and reconvert them into something fashionable, something new.   
Back in the day fur was a status symbol, something very luxurious not accesible to all.  But that is no longer true.  In fact the price of fur coats, such as mink, have gone down since our grandma`s or even mother`s bought theirs.  There are also cheaper options available and just as fashionable like rabbit, fox, or coats made from mink pieces.  With the drop in prices and the change in fashion etiquette  fur coats are no longer only for special ocasions or a night out but for everyday use.  In today`s market we have a large seleccion of fur garments which are stylish and lighter making them more compatible with our  urban lifestyle.  Below I have attached a few pictures showing some different examples of ways to sport your restyled or new garment in a more casual manner.  

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