Friday, December 9, 2011

The dog ¨man`s best friend¨. But is it also the womans?

The dog, ¨man`s best friend¨.  But is it also the womans?  I think many woman out the
 re would agree that their furry pet is definately a friend.  A friend who no matter what is waiting for us at the door when we arrive home.  A friend, who if we allow, would be more than happy to sit next to us on the couch and take in a romantic movie.  A friend who I am sure if we offered him a seat at our table would sip (well, slurp) champagne and listen to all our stories, without interrupting us.  Could you really ask more from a friend?  No, I think not.  
In the last few years we have seen many of Hollywoods Starlets out walking their pooches or toting them around in pooch purses made by some famous designer.  In fact having a dog has become something of a fashion accessory, take Paris Hilton for example, toting her dog all around town.  Both owner and dog are usually  wearing the latest in today`s fashion; hats, fur collars, capes, booties etc.  Who wouldn`t mind being dressed in name brand designs and then be carried around to all the most happening places? Not me!
A friendo of mine, ¨Lady Fur¨, is a designer for the Italian label Carlo Ramello.  She designs high end clothing for dogs.  Here on her blog you can take a look at her latest collection ,  I particularly like this winter`s collection of Puffy jackets with fur trimmings for dogs.
So this Christmas don`t forget about our faithful friend at home and give him or her a little taste of Hollywood.  And if you really want to do it up get matching puffy jackets  for you and your pooch.  You will be the talk of all the Christmas parties, just make sure you can show up with a ¨friend¨.  
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