Thursday, March 15, 2012

Princess or spoiled brat?

Little princesses or little spoiled brats? 
Our wishes of wanting to dress up like a princess, put makeup on like our older sisters and wear grown up clothes starts very early in our childhood.  But as little girls we are just imitating others who we admire and at that age are unable to appreciate the value of material things, such as clothes.  So when I see small children dolled up in designer clothes, I often wonder if that child later will learn to value these items.  I know parents only want the best for thier children and if it is within ones budget, why not splurge out on expensive clothing and accesories for our precious children.   So when I saw the following pictures in an article about Mifur opening an office in St Petersburg, Russia, I was overrun by a mixture of emotions. 
What do you think?  

little girls in fur coats
little girl in fox coat

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