Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you ready to rumble???

ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?  That´s what you should ask yourself as you step out the door heading to the first day of after Christmas sales.  The following few days the news is full of images of normally educated, polite shoppers pushing one another trying to get as close to the store entrance as possible before opening.  In fact I had an experience where the security guard actually came out before and said to the mass of people waiting outside  ¨please no running and no pushing¨.  Yes we were all adults outside.  But obviously his words were lost amongst the strategic planning which was going on in my head.  ¨How could I  politely push the little old lady out of my way, do a split leap over the baby stroller and beat my sister to that amazing gold dress which we both saw the week before.¨  At 10am the gun shot went off (or was that just in my head) and the doors opened.  The race has begun.  Luckily like us shoppers the store attendants had also put on their best running shoes and ran like hell to get out of the mobs way before they were trampled.    
Garments started flying as they were grabbed off hangers and the unwanted ones left on the floor to be looked thru by the late comers.  Long nails, large rings, steel toed shoes are all used to ward off other possible shoppers who threaten to enter your area of madness.  I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.  So my question is……In these days of sales is our dignity and respect for ourselves and others totally lost?  Becasue an item is 50% off does that really mean that we can act like animals?  I think not.  Many stores have early sales or are constantly offering some kind of discount.  I prefer to plan my shopping, take my time looking at prices and buy before all the craziness of the sales.  Then at least I am sure that I will find my size, not buy something unwanted because it is half off or worse something that doesn`t look good on me just because it was a bargain.   During sales I hate the long lines in the dressing rooms or waiting forever at the checkout because there is a price check.  But overall the disappointment of finding out that the shoes I was waiting to buy only have a 10% discount and they no longer have them in my size.  UUUGGGHHH!  So before you are ¨caught on tape¨ wrestling around on the floor of your favorite department store, think to yourself, is losing my dignity really worth it.  

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