Saturday, December 17, 2011

Get em up, Get em up, Move em out..RAWHIDE

Michael Kors recently presented his colección Pre-fall 2012 in New York.  Keeping in mind that he is an American designer will help us understand the Texan, or maybe I should say ¨Cowgirl¨ inspiration in his designs for next year.  
The model to the right which is designed after the typical leather butcher apron conjures up images of ¨Texas Chain Saw Masacre¨.  I tend to like leather dresses but this one is a little scary or maybe, I have a very vivid imagination.  I definately would not want to be on a blind date with this girl.   After seeing this outfit I might think that I was actually going to be some part of the dinner.  I know some of you out there might actually like this idea but not me.  
In the rest of his Collection for the fall 2012 we are presented with many different coats, skirts, bags etc in cowhide or goat hair. Most  are in black and white combinations.
I normally like garments made from cowhide but I do tend to like them plain, without any type of print (like the coat above).  If my best friend showed up with this coat on I think I would have a hard time controlling myself and before the days end I would have to tell her ¨you look like a cow in that coat¨ (ha ha).   I may be more of a plain Jane in that aspect.  Rather than the garment itself I prefer my accessories to be a little bit more on the wild side with a leopard, snake, crocodile or cowhide print.
I find that if you have a garment in a printed or stamped skin you can grow pretty tired of it quickly and are left with few options later on to alter or restyle it.  Although this one could become a nice throw rug when you are finished wearing it.   This season in Crivero we  have a coat made from Cavallino, it´s one of the highest qualities in cowhide.  It´s a very simple style but at the same time extremely elegante (shown in picture below).  
What do you think, do you agree?  Garments made from Cavallino are very light, have great texture and are soft to the touch, unlike the ones from regular cowhide.  They also have a shiny finish resulting in a very glamourous coat, especially in black.
 Ok, going back to MK´s Collection……I was also surprised to see wide belts on skirts, coats, dresses etc.  I really hope wide belts become as popular as they were a few years ago.  Maybe this year you are thinking that you cannot quite afford a new coat, then a spectacular belt could be a great form of revamping  your old coat.  Some think they can skimp on accessories but in my opinion, accesories can turn a ¨blah¨  garment into something sofisticated and stylish.  Spending the extra money does make a difference and with all eyes on the belt noone will notice that you have recycled your old coat.   And best of all you don`t have to worry about looking like you picked the coat out of your grandma`s trunk and tied a belt on it.  Don`t get me wrong, I am not against vintage items but the important part is making the vintage item look restyled to today`s fashion.  But I already wrote about vintage in this blog entry .  
Conclusion...........Don`t you think it`s to early to talk about Fall`s 2012 collection when we haven`t even finished this year.  Well, I do.  Even the designer`s struggle to get out 4 collections a year instead of the two they used to present.  So how do they really expect us to keep up?  Well, that´s fashion for you, evolving, changing, reinventing itself.  You can count on me to try and do my part by maintaining all of you informed as to what´s new in fur and leather for 2012.  But don`t worry, for now  I think it`s safe to still wear our 2011 style`s without  feeling out dated.

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